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5-16-09 Stroke and an attempt at a fast free

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2:00 to 3:30 PM at the Jamerson YMCA (SCY) with no coach.

400 free
16x25 drill - 4 each IMO on :40 except free drills on :35
3x100 free descending on 1:55
3x100 IM descending on 2:00

Main Set:
3x100 fly on 2:00 - I took at least 4 full strokes off each wall before switching to 1 arm fly
3x100 back on 2:00 - My turns were pretty sketchy and my stroke didn't feel as good as it has the past couple of weeks - I took my normal 4 strokes past the flags and was still a stroke or two short of the wall on a couple of turns.
3x100 breast on 2:00

3x50 fly on 1:00 - Did the first 25 of each with full strokes
3x50 back on 1:00
3x50 breast on 1:00

50 free easy
100 free - all out - could only manage a 1:20:-(

100 free

3000 yards

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Updated May 20th, 2009 at 08:46 AM by Iwannafly

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  1. Donna's Avatar
    I know how you feel, some days you want to sprint but it seems the body just can't comply with this request. Especially at the end of a workout. Try doing your faster set or swim at the beginning of the workout so that you are fresher.

    This looked like a good stroke workout not so much a sprint workout. At the end of a practice you are going to be tired and that is expected. Good Job!
  2. Iwannafly's Avatar
    Thanks Donna. Right now, I'm placing more importance on learning my two 'off' strokes than I am on speed work, which is why I put the stroke stuff at the front of the practice.
    However, the lack of compliance by my body could have just as much to do with the lack of sleep, the moving of furniture for a yard sale, and the half-dozen donuts and coffee that morning!:-)
    I'm hoping today is a speed workout, but we'll see.