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After a long rest

Week 84 - Thursday

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I lifted last night and focused on my legs. This was the second weights workout in a row where I really pushed it(too hard) and as such today I was not only hurting upper body wise from Monday evening but my legs were like jello. Needless to say I was worthless today despite my best efforts.

Last nights weight workout was 3 rounds going 10,8,6 reps per round and weight was 80%,max, fail ont he following exercises:

3x(left leg extension, right leg extension, left lunge, right lunge, lower back extension, left rear leg curl, right rear leg curl, leg press)

Swimming was long and really boring mixed in with what should have been some quick swims.

Warm up and Main set

The first 1000 was warmup
3x(1 x 1000 on 12:00 dec 1-3 for rounds
6 x 25 on :30 afap
4 x 50 on 1:00 kick afap)

Warm down
2 x 200 on 3:00 IM perfect swim

I almost called it quits mid way through the warmup but continued to swim with the hope that it would get never did, but I did finish the workout. To make matters worse my snorkel snapped while I was trying to put it on for the warmup so another $40 to finis when I buy yet another replacement. The snorkel quality is good other than connections between pieces which are so flimsy. This is the third snorkel in under a year I have broken.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    I almost called it quits mid way through the warmup
    I probably would've with the set of 3 x 1000!

    Bummer about the snorkel. I suspect it's because you are swimming too fast in workouts; they weren't designed for that kind of sustained force