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Calvin S

Sunday 5/11/14

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Sunday 5/11

AM only LCM

"Spring Splash Invitational Day #3"

100 BK - 1:13.97 - No touchpads at the far end of the pool so no 50 splits. I actually felt pretty good with this race. I haven't swam a 100M BK in about as long as the 200 BK from yesterday. What this time tells me is that I could DEFINITELY take my 200 out faster than a 1:21 (although the 200 FL before is mostly to blame for that I am sure). I definitely think without the fatigue in my legs from weight lifting, I could be under 1:10 in this race for sure!

2600 assorted warm-up and warm-down

Total: 2700

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Updated May 14th, 2014 at 10:57 PM by Calvin S

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