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After a long rest

Week 86 - Tuesday

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I skipped weights last night to attend my sons 7th grade band recital. Over the past three years we have gone from recorder, to violin to trumpet and despite some challenges in his early days, he has progressed unbelievably and is very good at the trumpet. In fact he was awarded a medal as part of the brass section and individually was awarded first division certificate, which I guess means he is very good. Whether he is or isn't good I am so proud of him for the effort he has shown and I am excited to see how much he enjoys playing.

This morning I woke just as my alarm was due to go off which I guess means I am now officially back on central time after my Korean trip last week. I am still carrying a few lingering affects from my flu while traveling and was a little congested this morning(could be allergies too, with pollen high the last couple of days). Todays workout was a good one and deceptively hard.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel

Main Set
4x(300 with snorkel on 4mins,
2x100 free afap on 2mins,
4x25 fast free to feet on turn on 30
2x50 fast kick on 1min
2x50 catchup drill focusing on little finger entry breathig 5,7 by 25 on 1min)

Warm down
200 easy

Total 3800scy

I held a high tempo on the 300's on each round and went 3.15,3.16,3.15 on the 300s. I struggled a little on the afap 100's going my normal pace but held mainly 57s with a few 58's. To go these times I had to work pretty hard and felt my stroke falling apart a little toward the end of the 3 round and focused on keeping my stroke long on round 4 which helped. The 25s I held 14s to my feet. We have lots of clocks in our pool and one right at the end of the lane I swam in today. The kick I tried being smooth on the first 25 and then picking it up on the second 25; I held 40s throughout. I used the last 2x50s drill of each round as an active recovery swim.

I was pretty tired by the end of the main set today. I was going to do a catchup session in the weight room tonight but I think I will skip and do weights on my normal day tomorrow night instead and not overdo it too quickly.

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  1. cclarke's Avatar
    Nice work and I will plagiarize this set in the next week or so. On the blogging front I have debated starting up and am close to starting.

    Congrats on your son too.