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After a long rest

Week 86 - Wednesday

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I woke early this morning and got to the pool a little earlier than usual and got a little longer than usual warmup. I was very pleasantly surprised the pool was set up for long course. Tom changed up the workout because he said he was expecting scy. We did more yardage than he originally planned. I felt back to usual today and I think my Korea trip is now out of my system. I had a great workout today.

600 free with snorkel
8x50 catchup on 60

Main set
8x100 kick on 1.55
4x500 pull with paddles on 6.15
3x(2x50 fast on 1min, 100 IM on 1.45)
4x100 with fins swum as far as possible underwater remainder of 50 fast, 50 perfect stroke easy on 2mins

Warm down
100 easy

Total 4900 LCM

I was holding 1.40-1.45 on the kick. I had a great pull set and was holding just under 1.10 pace throughout so was getting 20-25 seconds rest between 500s. From what I could see on the clock at the turn I was holding 4.35-4.40 400s and was able to hold that pace. I was really happy with this set. Probably the best pull set I have done as a master. The fast 50s I did to my feet and was holding 32s. The IMs were active recovery. The underwater I was going about 30m and then coming up.

I plan on heading to the pool tonight for weights.

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