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Spring Is in the Air (March-April 2010)

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by , March 1st, 2010 at 12:00 AM (819 Views)
It is said that in spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love; so wrote poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson. I would posit that for USMS members, a young (and we are all young) swimmer’s fancy turns to competition. As Spring Nationals looms, we have included technique articles to help you prepare for Atlanta: Craig Keller at AGUA Masters has broken down relay transitions for us, Olympian Rada Owen gives us a quick tune-up on head position, and Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen reminds us of some critical training points.

On many swimmers’ minds, however—the elephant seal in the living room—is the demise of the tech suit. Neros, LZRs, and the rest of the gang’s last hurrah is coming (at least for this year) and everyone has a different opinion. As I pondered what I might write on the subject, I remembered a thread on our Forums where members have posted their thoughts. Some are eulogies to their suits, others express good riddance, and some are creative haiku and poetry. There is even a full-length holiday song, “T’was the Night Before Zones.”

With apologies to Lord Tennyson, enjoy in good humor.

  • “Tech suit you were so good to me. You helped me keep it together when I was falling apart. Despite the rips and wardrobe malfunctions, we had some pretty good times together and it’s sad to think you’re really gonna split …” –Ande
  • “I hate you tech suit. You hurt me. You were so sleek and pretty, full of promises. You made me look good. Together I thought we could go where we had never gone before. It was a lie. You are a liar. Maybe I share some blame. I thought that money would keep us happy, but you and your ilk weren’t satisfied … We weren’t a team, you owned me … I was addicted to you. I couldn’t be happy without you. It was wrong. I see you crumpled up in the corner like a lost soul. I hear you tempting me. I miss your snug embrace. I think we can still be friends.” –Stillwater
  • Dear LZR, It is said that death is life’s way of saying you’re fired. Well you’re fired. –Lefty
  • Tech suit, I am glad I never knew ye. –Couroboros
  • Ah FINA had to mess
    With the tech suits for the rest
    But for me, the big dipper
    They took away my zipper –Swimshark

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