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SWIMMER Hears Your Feedback (September-October 2009)

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by , September 1st, 2009 at 01:00 AM (749 Views)
This May, many of you responded to a member survey. The survey, which we will conduct annually, was designed to measure reader satisfaction and expectations with regard to our member communications, including SWIMMER magazine, our website, and the e-newsletters. Some of the survey results surprised us; others confirmed ideas we had. The important thing is that you have spoken and we are listening and responding.

Overall, the feedback on SWIMMER was positive, which reflects the good job our former editor, Bill Volckening, and the Publications Management Committee, have done shepherding the publication over the years. Bill’s dedication and service are appreciated, and his and the committee’s groundwork will serve as a solid base from which to spring. As all things eventually do, SWIMMER will evolve. One thing that will remain present in our approach, however, is our responsiveness to our readers. As always, we encourage your feedback anytime. You can write me directly at

Starting with this September-October issue, we are introducing a new guest editorial concept for SWIMMER called “Both Sides of the Lane Line.” In this column, we’ll publish two reader essays supporting different positions on issues that impact the world of Masters Swimming. Also in this issue, you’ll find that the Training and Technique department contains several new columns, designed to cater to the different types of swimmers within our organization. Whether you consider yourself a highly competitive pool swimmer, a beginner, a fitness swimmer, an open water aficionado, or any combination thereof, we want you to find information in SWIMMER that matters to you. With a diverse group of swimmers in our membership, it is essential that we continue to strive for a balance of content that accurately reflects our readers’ interests.

Looking ahead, we hope you’ll see SWIMMER as a trusted resource, providing valuable information about the many events, products, and services we have to choose from as Masters swimmers. Next year, our Swim Bag department will take on a new flavor with independent product reviews. Our team will be taking a proactive approach to research when it comes to equipment, local meets, open water events, swim travel, and more. We hope to draw from the vast pool of talented and knowledgeable individuals who make up our membership. After all, one of the best things about being a USMS member is having thousands of teammates who are willing to share their wisdom and experience.

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