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After a long rest

Week 89 - Saturday

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Yesterday was a weird day. I guess you could call it a Friday 13th kind of day. Traffic was bad coming out of Dallas and it took me forever to get home only to find out my dogs had got into a container of anti inflammatory pills(ironically for one of the dogs who was diagnosed with hip dysplasia). Long story short the two weimeranas ended up having to go to the emergency get and they are there for two days. This will be big big $s but at least the dogs will be ok.

My my daughter has a meet in Lewisville Texas this weekend and my wife took her to the meet while I opened the pool for our masters team this morning. After practice I headed upto lewisville and we are currently between heats and finals and will be at a hotel tonight.

My my right shoulder between the top of my tricep and the lat has been burning a little this week and I planned on icing this morning but ran out of time so just have to suck it up today. Next week I will ice after every workout until I am pain free. I believe I drop my elbow at the end of my catch when I am tired and this is the cause of the discomfort.

Todays workout out was tough but I was please with my efforts.

Warm up
600 free with snorkel

Main sets
8x(150 swim on 2mins, 2x50 fast on 1:20)
100 easy
12x50 swum odds drill, even builds with turn on 1min
6x100 AFAP on 2mins

Warm down
400 easy

Total 4200LCM

i was coming in at 1.45-1.50 on the 150s and then was holding 33s on the fast 50s. This was surprisingly more tiring than I thought. On the 6x100 best average I held 1.03s and was really happy with how I felt compared to the last time I swam this set. I felt strong with some easy speed(despite it hurting after #2). I am really trying to engage my kick and keep my stroke long as I tire.

I did did a very light leg oriented weights workout today but only did two rounds instead of 3 and was pretty fatigued.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    I hope the dogs are ok. One of our very first dogs was a lab-doberman mix that ate everything ... including:
    • Multiple pairs (in one 'meal') of my mother's pantyhose
    • A whole bottle of my wife's pre-natal vitamins (dog was particularly energetic for the week after that)
    • Linoleum, glue for the linoleum and even some of the concrete under the linoleum (that resulted in near-death, weekend hospitalization, major drugs and major $$$)
    • Any kind of animal excrement she could get her mouth on
    • ... and on and on and on

    I love dogs, but they can be dumb puppies some time.

    Hope the ice helps your shoulder.