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After a long rest

Week 90 - Tuesday

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I lifted last night and focused on legs, so today I was very stiff and sore. Todays was not exactly recovery but there was not a lot of high intensity swimming other than a quick 100 with fins 4 times through. My legs were dragging today! My right shoulder has been sore and I decided to lay off the weights on my arms this week and use ice after the swim.

Last nights weights was my normal 3 rounds of 10,8,6 reps per round at 80%, max, fail by round.

3x(leg press, leg extension, leg curl, lunges, squats, lower back extension)

Todays swim was scy:

Warm up
600 free with snorkel

Main set
4x(300 with snorkel on 4mins, 100 with fins fast, 3x50 streamline kick on 50)
100 easy
8x50 drill on 55
4x200 free on 2.20

Warm down
100 easy

Total 4200scy

I felt pretty hideous on the 300's throughout the set and held 3.25-3.30s; I suspect I had no kick. The 100 fast with fins I unintentionally descended by round and went 55,54,53,51. The rest of the workout was swum aerobically. The 200's I was holding 2.10's

Hopefully my shoulder will calm down with ice and backing off on weights and paddles the remainder of the week.

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