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4 x fast 50's

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by , June 17th, 2014 at 08:29 PM (1399 Views)
What a bummer! On our way from Dallas to Breckenridge, CO, our car was having trouble! We passed Amarillo and were just past 1/2 way when we had to stop in Dalhart, TX! We got to a GMC/Chevy dealer who hooked our Cadillac up to their computers but couldn't really find what exactly was wrong. We were worried about making it over the mountains, so we turned back. What a bummer!!!!!

Well, we have decided to go again in about 2 weeks.

In other news, today was an awesome workout -really just up my alley!
The main set was essentially 4x 50's one each stroke from the blocks, with about 10 minutes worth of a set in between each!

50 fly 31.8
50 back 34.5
50 breast 39.2
50 free 29.1

For some reason, we all went by ourselves or only with 1 other person. I went by myself and for some other random reason, was slightly ahead of everyone else. But maybe that was by design so the coach could time each person by themselves. Well, I was quite pleased with the times in a SCM workout. It also was good to see where I was bogging down or needed to focus attention.

Fly - need a breathing pattern for SCM. I have it for SCY 1/1 or the 100 (every 2) but SCM is a bit more difficult to make it 1/1 so I am thinking 1/2 or 2/2

Back - just need to do USRPT here! not used to really going bonkers in 50 back enough.

Breast - quite solid! Just make sure to stay really entact from the turns and to be very aggressive.

Free - very solid; need to work on turn and in/out of wall; don't breath on 2nd length too soon.

Here's another pretty good set for building up to a 100 fly: I did a 50 easy every time you see 100 easy.

100 easy 1:30
25 fast :30
100 easy
50 fast 1:00
100 easy
75 fast 1:30
100 easy
100 fast 2:00

Twice through.
Fly: 16, 36, 55, 1:15
Breast: 22,44, ?, 1:30
I'd like to get this set to pushing 50 at the 75 and 1:10 at the 100
breast - maybe get to 1:25

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Bummer about your trip. I remember I once visited CO about 25 years ago and my AC went out and had to go to a GM dealer to get it fixed.

    They really should've diagnosed your problem however if they tried properly
  2. chowmi's Avatar
    Finally got the car back - our Cadillac dealer couldn't find anything wrong with it, grrr! We are going back to Breck around 07/ my car!