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Wed., June 18, 2014*

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Back doing so much better today. I did have to get out after the first 600 w/up and take some Traumeel tablets (LOVE that stuff!) but either it went to work really fast (it does that) or I'm actually recovering (fairly possible, since it's been 2 weeks). Did pretty well on the 100's, which is actually an improvement from my usual lately. Could be in part because of the cooler water. They've got the aerators going and it's like 80 or 81 in the water (awesome!).

600 w/up
200 drill
500 back/free
5 x 100 P @ 1:30
500 something (don't remember)
15 x 100 @ 1:30
100 easy
500 kick locomotive by 25's
10 x 50 @ :50
300 pull
200 drill
100 cool down

I might not have everything right here - can't remember exactly what we did, just that I did enough at the end to make an even 5000 LCM.
I've been making myself get out of the water as close to 7am as possible, and seeing how fast I can get myself dressed (etc.) and in the car by 7:30, because I start my new job on Monday, and it is twice as far from home as I've been going, so I'll need to leave earlier. Don't want to give my swim time, so I need to be efficient not only under the water, but above it as well. (hehehe, pun intended )

*Biorhythms Physical 66% & heading up; Emotional 77% & heading down
coming in ~ 24 on #1, holding 26's thru out - felt good, it was hard, but not exhausting

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  1. flystorms's Avatar
    Glad to hear your back is doing better. Yay! And double good, good luck on the new job. very exciting.
  2. Celestial's Avatar