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After a long rest

Week 90 - Saturday

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There is an age group B/C meet at our pool this weekend so the pool was setup for scy. I had a good nights sleep last night and did my normal Saturday routine which included an extra large cup of coffee before practice(it's the only day I treat myself to coffee before I swim). I was feeling pretty peppy when I arrived at the pool and as I arrived I saw many of the age groupers going off the blocks on there main set and I immediately jumped to the conclusion the masters would be doing something similar. Tom then told me my set today was 6x1s. I assumed he meant 6x100s best average and told him that would be great only for him to explain what he was after on the 6x1000s. I actually don't mind 1000s in practice but was definitely caught off guard on this one. I was the only one doing this today which made it mentally very tough. I was also in a lane next to one of our most talented masters swimmers(former national champion) but also one of our most chatty swimmers. So today's workout had a large aerobic portion to it with the final 2x1000s swum as descending swims with instructions to drop to pretty quick times. Between 1000s I tried avoiding the chatty chatty stuff and just got on with the workout, which mentally was pretty tough.

1000 with snorkel
1000 swum as alternating kick and free by 50
1000 swum as alternating kick and back by 50
1000 pull
1000 descend by 100 with 10 seconds rest at each 100
1000 descend by 200 with 10 seconds rest at each 200

Total 6000scy

This workout took about 75mins. I loosened up on the first 1000 but by the middle of the 3rd 1000 I started to stiffen for some reason and felt hideous until the end of the fifth 1000. On the last one I worked pretty hard and ended up going 2:02 on the last 200. This was a weird workout in the sense that I had every feeling you could imagine. At first it felt like a recovery workout, then I stiffened up and it was hard, then as I tried picking it up on the round with 100s and had no speed followed by the 200s where I felt good. I think the hardest part of this workout was the mental side of just sticking with it.

After this I lifted and did my normal 3 rounds going 10,8,6 reps per exercise per round at 80%,max and fail. Once again I focused on my legs.

3x(leg press, leg extensions, leg curls, lunges, squats, lower back extension)

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  1. flystorms's Avatar
    That looks like an interesting workout to get a lot of mileage.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I found it quite difficult today. Yardage is not usually my problem. I have been averaging 25-30k a week. We have a training camp in rockwall the week after your key west swim and I am likely to do a months swimming in a week yardage wise. I am hopeful a rest today and tomorrow will help me recover. I am jealous you are tapering. We have 3 more hard weeks before we start ours for worlds.