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Health Insurance for USMS Coaches

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Q: Why doesn't USMS provide group health insurance for Masters coaches?

A: Group health insurance is a policy that is purchased by an employer for the benefit of the eligible employees of the company. Since there is no employee-employer relationship between Masters coaches and USMS, a group plan is not available.
Masters coaches may have one or more of the following options to secure health insurance:

  • If you are an employee of a facility you may be eligible to participate in your employer's group plan. Ask the human resources department if you are eligible, and if you're not, ask them what it will take to become eligible. Don't be shy about asking. Remember, you're an asset to the facility. You bring your professional skills and knowledge to the pool deck for the benefit of the program and the facility.
  • If your own program employs you and others, you may qualify as your own group. Some states define a small employer group as those that have one to 50 employees. Most states require companies to have two eligible employees to qualify for group coverage.
  • Masters coaches may also apply for an individual health insurance policy. Masters swimmer and insurance agent Blayne Gale of Eagle Strategies in Reno, Nev. says, "Individual policies are rated and priced based on zip codes and the losses being tracked by the insurance companies. Often, healthy insurance candidates can be eligible for the lowest insurance premium." A group policy does not automatically mean a lower rate, so contact an insurance agent for details.

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