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Charging for additional services

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Q: Should I charge the swimmers in my program for additional services such as video filming and clinics?

A: It's very common throughout the country for coaches to charge for video, clinics and other coaching services. Unless your program fees specifically cover these services, members in your program should expect to compensate you for your time and skills. Masters coaching is a profession. If you feel you have the skills and talent to properly analyze swimmers' strokes and technique, then you should be compensated for your services.

Typical fees for videotaping range from $35-50 per stroke per swimmer. Fees for a three hour stroke clinic run from $40-125 with variables such as the ratio of instructors to swimmers, videotaping and instructor credentials.

An underutilized source of revenue for the Masters coach is private swim lessons for adults. Surveys have shown that adults aspire to swim as the number one method of fitness. Yet, 37% can't swim the length of the pool. That's a staggering number of potential students for Masters coaches to market swim lessons to.

Due to fears and anxieties, many adults prefer to learn in a private environment and understand the value of the coach's time. Private lesson fees average $55 for a half-hour and $100 for an hour and can be offered to swimmers of all ability levels.

Consider taking these two courses to enhance your knowledge and marketability:

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Updated May 12th, 2017 at 04:46 PM by Bill Brenner