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Workout 07/18/14: noon

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Quick dip today, meet warm up of 1400 yards + a fast 50 back (~:30). Feeling pretty good ahead of the meet tomorrow.

Last night was the Midnight Madness event in our town, with the shops closing up around 4pm, then reopening from 7-12 with great sales, plus vendors on the sidewalks and specials at the local restaurants [pictures here:]. After work, I met with my son at the chippie in our town for supper, then my wife for a little shopping before heading to a booth set up by my boss that highlighted deer ticks and lyme disease. They were very busy in the early evening with lots of questions, but as night fell the families went home and the tomfoolerly picked up. After the cops broke up something a bit down the street, my boss decided it was time to pack things up around 9:45. I then went with my daughter to get some new running sneakers and some shoes for work.

It's a fun time, although when I was a kid the streets would be closed off but some poor behavior has kept the streets open to traffic. We used to be able to go to the CB Sports factory for great deals on winter coats/snowpants, and while some of those opportunities have ceased it is still a wonderful community event.

Greg, you ready for tomorrow's 400 Free ???

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  1. GregJS's Avatar
    Yep, I'm ready to watch you swim it! Ha ha.

    But seriously, let's just say I'm ready to start it. Finishing may be another matter, but we'll see...

    That's good you're feeling good in the water today. I felt much better on Thurs. than I did on Tues.