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Friday, July 18, 2014

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OMG, I can't believe summer is half over
Water was great this morning, as per usual, around 78 degrees, and since the young ones are at FLAGS (formerly Jr. Olympics) the pool was pretty empty until 6:30 am. Just me, Marci & Bill this am, I called the set.

500 back/free
500 pull no paddles
Four times through:
3 x 100 @ 1:30
4 x 50 stroke/free by 25 @ 1:00
Got one of the coaches to look at my stroke, and a tiny little tweak on my hand entry, helped me go from barely making the 1:30's to getting in at the 1:25 with ease. Humph. Gonna change my hand paddles!
400 IM drill/swim by 50
100 easy
500 odds & ends cool down
Total 4000LCM

Amazing how hand entry can affect your speed. Amazing.

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