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Friday, July 25

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Warm up:

600 various
100 scull
100 fly drill
100 back drill
4 x 25 shooters w/fins
100 EZ

Main sets:

8 x 25 burst SDK + cruise @ 1:00
100 EZ

20 x 25 fly w/fins @ 100 pace @ :45
-- lots of rest, but I just wanted to get my feet wet on this set
-- felt fairly easy
250 EZ

2 x (6 x 100) @ 2:00
R 1= IM, R2 = back kick w/fins
1 = 25 fast + 75 EZ
2 = 50 fast + 50 EZ
3 = 75 fast + 25 EZ
4 = all Z
5 = all fast
6 = all EZ

200 EZ

8 x 50 DPS free w/paddles
50 EZ

Total: 4000


I have a very quiet weekend ahead with Mr. Fort and Lil Fort gone visiting relatives. I'm going to try to work out twice a day while they're away. I may go to North Park tomorrow. It's supposed to be a very nice outdoor long course pool, but it is quite a hike from my house. Hopefully, the expected thunder will hold off.

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  1. ourswimmer's Avatar
    Have you not been to North Park? It is pretty cool by my standards, and pretty close to where I visit when I visit PGH. Be warned, however: My standards are partly historic; it is (I think) a WPA facility. IIRC, it is not super-deep anywhere.

    I am planning a visit to your vicinity in mid-November, before Thanksgiving. Hope I will connect with you and Water Rat at Pitt and maybe elsewhere besides.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    I didn't make it there last summer and now I sort of default to going to Pitt (though I won't have that option for a few weeks in August). It is pretty far from me too. I've heard conflicting things on the depth question. As long as it's not 3-4 feet ... See you in November hopefully!