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Workout 07/26/14: morning

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I've been having a blast with my brother and his family, and was able to convince him to join me at the pool this morning for masters practice. He was the distance/IM force to beat here in VT in the early 90's then UMass for college, but I suspect he hasn't been in the pool in at least eight years. My wife also splashed in and did mostly her own thing but on our intervals....

200 swim/100 kick/100 pull
4 x 25 stroke work
2 x 200 on 4:00 neg split
400 fr breathe 3/4/5/6 by 25
3 x 100 on 2:10 even split
300 swim/pull, breathing only to the west wall of the pool
8 x 50 on 1:10 (descend 1-4, 5-8)
200 loosen and out
(Masters/Rec/2500 yds/65 min)

Bry and Greg joined me in doing the whole workout! Rebecca missed a little warmup, but was swimming after we left. Nadine was in for half the practice and then Kevin came in for a bit. Lena also swam for an hour, her longest workout yet! I am so proud of her.

We hung out and grabbed some pizza for lunch before the grand reunion party this evening. It was great to see relatives young and old from near and far. A great treat was the ability for us to head back to our childhood home and walk through it, sharing it with our families. My crew remembers living the house because they were wee ones when we moved from the apartment out back, but the their cousins had never seen it. Here is a picture of the barns that my dad and his dad before him ran, wonderfully restored by my father's cousin and his wife:

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  1. GregJS's Avatar
    Looks like a cool place to spend a childhood - but I bet you had some pretty heavy-duty chores to do too! But which building housed the pool complex? With so many great swimmers in your family, I've just got to assume y'all had your own world-class indoor facilities on the farm.

    Nice meeting your oldest brother and seeing Lena enjoying a swim. Good workout today. (And in spite of my being a wise-guy, I really did make an effort on that breathing pattern you gave us. Failed, but tried.)
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    I was struggling on those breathing swims too, Greg. Great attempts! It was fun that Bryan and Lena joined us.

    No pools there, but we did have a pond. I guess my open water swimming was started when I was very young!