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After a long rest

Week 96 - Thursday

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I managed to juggle my customer meeting and getting to bed at a reasonable hour last night. I managed to just go and grab a drink with the customer(he had alcohol and I did not so I am not sure if mine qualifies as a drink). When I got home I ate dinner with the family and then packed for worlds. Its getting real. I then texted one of my team mates who was getting waxed last night; he is a hairy guy and it took over 2 hours. Worlds got even more real after this text conversation.

I woke up throughout the night due to storms in Dallas but still had a good nights sleep.

Tom had us down to do 2800scy today and I ended up cutting it back due to being stiff and slightly sore(dont know why). So todays workout was as follows:

Warm up
1000 swim with snorkel

Main sets
6x50 kick on 1:10
4x100 swum as drill, build, easy free, build on 2mins
300 swim easy with snorkel
4x25 with cords

Warm down
100 easy

Total 2200scy

I was a little sore and stiff in my upper body today during the warmup but felt better as the workout went on. I actually felt pretty easy and fast on the 4x100s and without much effort was holding 1min pace which is pretty darn good for me when the 100's included 50 easy. The cord work at the end was fun and nothing beats doing a 25 scy in under 8 seconds!!!

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