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Monday, Nov. 10

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by , November 10th, 2008 at 03:47 PM (1214 Views)
Sent in my entries for SCM Zones today. Will only swim the 50 free, 50 breast and 100 IM on Sunday. Just swimming the 50 breast for fun. Hoping for good times in the other two events. I went 29.2 in the 50 free earlier this year at the Albatross meet; should be faster than that. Haven't swuim the 100 IM in SCM in two years. I'm skipping the 100 back on Sunday because I already have a pretty good time this year from IGLA (1:11) and it's back-to-back with the 100 IM, for which I have no time.

Still feeling run down and sore today, so I skipped my morning spin class today. May go easy on the cross training this week. Can't wait for a deep tissue massage I have booked for Thursday.

Today, SCY, solo:

Warm up:

600 swim-kick
6 x 50 fly drills, 15 RI

Main sets:

9 x 100 backstroke with fins on 2:00,
descend 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, each set faster
Went: (1:15, 1:10, 1:03), (1:12, 1:06, 1:02), (1:10, 1:04, 1:01)
100 EZ
(Chris S. was the inspiration for this set, as I recall him saying a few months back that, when you're broken down, experiment with pace or target time work)

4 x 100 modified "power kick", 45 RI
done as:

- Push off on the opposite side of the starting blocks, kick 12 SDKs surfacing into cruise free with a strong 6 beat (overkick)
- at the first wall finish hands first and go immediately into a 10 second all out kick against the wall.
- Stop, then grab the backstroke start bar and go into a back start, 10 SDKs then cruise backstroke
- immediately start 3rd 25 doing forward "V" scull (on your back, feet out of the water looking toward the opposite side sculling)
- At the final wall when your feet touch pull into the wall then explode with 12 SDKs into easy free with overkick to wall.

100 EZ

5 x 50 backstroke AFAP with fins on 3:00, 50 EZ after each (went 26.5-27s)

10 x 25, alternate easy speed fly, easy DAB

500 dolphin kick on back with MF for core

200 C/D

Total: 3850

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  1. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    Glad you're coming to zones! I sent in my entries today too.
  2. Julie Roddin's Avatar
    Awesome! See you at Rutgers on my b-day!!! I likely won't be swimming, but will be there to cheer (and go for a long run at some point that day since it's the first day of official marathon training)!!!! When are you heading up? We'll probably go back to the same brew pub on Saturday night for dinner so hope you're up there Sat night!
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Jules, I'm hoping to be up there Sat. night! I'll leave after my kid finishes swimming Saturday at the Dolan meet. Which brew pub were you at? Go on your long run during some of those boring distance events you're missing.