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Friday, Aug 8

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RC/scap ex
HS hi row, 150 x 4 x 6
good mornings, 80 x 4 x 8
kneeling ab crunch, 160 x 4 x 8
knee tucks with feet on yoga ball, 3 x 10
hip abductor, 110 x 4 x 6
standing broad jumps, 10
various ab stuff w/Teen Fort

Swim/SCY @ Pitt

I swam a bit before coaching. Was pretty tired. My dryland sessions have been closer together than usual and I can feel it. I really want to get on a Wed & Sat schedule this fall. I did about 1500, mostly easy.


I'm in need of a recovery week and it looks like I'm going to get one. My stepfather, a wonderful man, died yesterday and I need to book out to Tucson to be with my mom for a few days. I'm not really sure if I'll have a chance to swim while I'm out there. But it appears like the Oro Valley Aquatic Center is nearby.

Going to try the adult only swim at the Lebo pool today. Hope it is turd free!

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  1. jpetyk's Avatar
    So sorry for you loss.
  2. knelson's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your stepdad. You should check with Jeff Commings. I bet he'd know the best spots to swim in Tucson.
  3. Water Rat's Avatar
    Have a safe trip. Sorry for the reason for the visit.
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks guys. He was ill, and we knew it was coming. But still it's quite sad. Hopefully, I can get in the water out there.
  5. aztimm's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your loss
    Even if he was ill, it is still rough.

    Check with PWB on the Oro Valley pool. I think he swam at a Masters meet there early this year. I think there's a masters group that swims there. Regardless, the pool has rather generous hours (at least from what I can see):

    There's also a masters group in Saddlebrook, a little further north of Oro Valley:

    If you let me know when you'll be in town, maybe I'll take a trip down.
  6. pwb's Avatar
    I am sorry, too, for your loss.

    Oro Valley is definitely the best pool in the greater Tucson area, so I would highly recommend it for working out by yourself. If you can get down to the U of A (20-30 minutes from Oro Valley) to swim with their Masters team, that will be your best group to workout with. Saddlebrooke has a great and enthusiastic team, but if think you would not find the right training partners there for you.
  7. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks Tim and Patrick. My mom has a pool in her community too, but I suspect I will want to head over to the Oro valley pool. I don't really want to venture too far or be gone too long, so I will keep it short and simple.
  8. jbs's Avatar
    Very sorry for your loss. My condolences