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One Stroke at a Time


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by , August 14th, 2014 at 05:25 PM (1013 Views)
I haven't been blogging much and have been swimming rather sporadically. I was pretty regular at practice until mid-July. My son had two multiple day swim meets (including TAGS which is a big deal here) and then I went on vacation in the UP of Michigan where the closet pool was over an hour away. I did get in Lake Superior a few times. The temperature in the low 60s prevented any long swims. I decided to come to the meet despite suboptimal preparation. In order, to get here I moved my treatment from Wednesday to Tuesday, worked half day on Wednesday and then flew out on Wednesday afternoon. I started my 2 week cycle of oral chemo on Wednesday night so my timing is not great for the meet but that's life. I'm staying with friends in Bethesda so drove to the pool this am. Seeing the traffic at 6:30 am going toward DC reminded me of one the reasons that we moved 9 years ago.

I had an inauspicious start to my meet as I couldn't get into my new suit. I wasn't planning on getting a new suit and ordered one at the last minute so had it delivered to my friend's house. I ordered an A3 suit (I with someone who wears this kind of suit so I thought I would give it a try). I ordered one size larger than what the sizing chart said and still couldn't get in it. It seemed like a really nice suit so I was a little disappointed. I ended up wearing my 2 year old Tracer Lite which was fine. I swam 2 events. I was third in the 200 fly and second in the 800 free. My times were fairly slow but I would of had to be substantially faster to move up any places. I saw quite a few people I hadn't seen in awhile and watched my teammates doing their sprints (We have four men here and me and we figured out that I'll probably swim more meters in my events than the four combined). I'm looking forward to watching them swim some rocking relays. My day also ended on a slapping my hand against my forehead note as I walked out and saw that I had a parking ticket issued 6 minutes before I got to my car (15 minutes after the meter expired). I'll swim the 400 IM and 100 breast tomorrow and then have Saturday off. Good luck to everyone who is here.

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