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joel schmaltz


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300 swim
100 IM kick
100 IM drill
100 IM swim DPS
4 x 50 build

16 x 25 kick @ 35
-fast/tombstone/fly on back/flutter

4 x 75 r/10
-done as scull/kick/swim strong

4 x thru
100 negative split @ 1:50
-went odds bk, evens BR
3 x 50 free @ 50 descend

4 x 75 w/agility paddles fast @ 1:15
-went odds bk, evens free

4 x 125 IM @ 2:15
-rotate the 50 and push that part

4 x 25 sprint on coaches whistle
-went IM order

3400 and I needed to head in to work

Next weekend I will head down to Mount Pleasant (Charleston) for a meet. I haven't raced in quite awhile for various reason. Since my last meet, I have made some improvements on all four of my strokes. The plan is to see if I can put it all together in a meet. Sat I will have the 100IM, 200 and 4IM. Sun I will have the 2BK, 2IM and the 2BR. The 100IM and 2BR are not my best events but I will give it shot.

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