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National Champion

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by , August 18th, 2014 at 12:43 PM (1677 Views)
On Friday, I swam the 400 IM (3rd) and the 100 breast (5th). The 400 IM was a sufferfest. Mostly, this was because I have no stamina to swim fly. I was determined to go out faster than I had in the 200 fly and I did by 4 secs. I paid the price for this in the last 200. This of course was not necessary as I was solidly in my spot having to swim considerably faster or slower to change positions. I was happy with the 100 breast as I was right off my totally guessed seed time. I watched the race on the feed and was surprised that I passed two people on the second lap which gave me some confidence for the 200 breast on Sunday.

On Saturday, I didn't have any events. I was exhausted from the treatments, travel, swimming and getting up early for the warm-up so I slept in (I think that I was close to 11 hours in bed-though not asleep the whole time). I spent the rest of the day relaxing. I went to the Bethesda Pool and warmed up. At night friends that I haven't seen in many years came over for dinner. They had just moved back to the area the day before so the timing was great for a reunion.

On Sunday, I decided to skip warm-up in the competition pool with the plan to arrive right before my teams men's relay swam. I got there with about 2 heats to spare. They were awesome and swam the fastest time of any relay regardless of age (They are in the 200-239 age group). I warmed up and then decided to splurge and went to the shopping area and bought a new suit. I got the new Speedo in blue and black since blue is the colon cancer support color. I was really happy with my 200 IM and was about a half second faster then my guessed time for 5th place. Again, I passed someone coming home on the free.

My last event was the 200 breast which was my best event as a kid. Many of the faster breaststrokers in my age group had opted for worlds over nationals so I knew that this was an opportunity. I was seeded first but was not sure about my seed time. It was the time that I did last summer right after my second round of chemo. I had been about 6 seconds slower this weekend than my 400 IM time from that same weekend so was a little worried. During warmup I felt really smooth and decided to just get after it. My start was kind of deep but then I got into my rhythm. I went out 0.7 faster than I swam my 100 and ended up wining by 2+ seconds . My time was actually faster than I swam the 200 fly on the first day. It was a great way to end the meet.

I went back to my friends house and had a wonderful lunch of Polish purple (beet) soup and then was off to the airport. It was a great time with some ups and downs but ended on a fantastic note. I am really grateful to my friends who I stayed with (definitely a 5 star trip advisor review-- this was running joke over the weekend). My team of five people ended up 16th in the team standings and we are already talking about strategies for getting more people to meets. I think a trip to San Antonio is definitely in my future.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Congratulations on your swims. I bet you felt awesome after that win.

    I hope you are able to use this as a way of boosting attendance in San Antonio. I plan on using the Worlds experinece the same way. Good luck.
  2. Sojerz's Avatar
    Congrats on the 200 Br and placing in the 4IM and 1Br