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8|27|14 drylands

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by , August 27th, 2014 at 09:36 PM (1123 Views)
No time to swim. Have 7 weeks of vegetative growth to manicure in my back yard - it needs to be done by the holiday. Weather on the other hand is beautiful to be out in.

Did have time for drylands this evening:

DB bench press + pullups superset
-25lb DB's x 50 / 10 pullups
-50lb DB's x 15 / 10 pullups
-60lb DB's x 15 / 10 pullups (*no rest taken thoughout 6 sets)
rest 2 min
-70lb DB's x 16 / 10 pullups

3 sets of cable lat/ab crunchers (??lb) supersetted with DB lateral shoulder raises (10lb DB)

4 sets of hack squat sled (90lb x 20 reps) supersetted with bent over lateral raises with (7.5lb DB's x 15 reps)

3 sets concentration 30lb DB curls (x 12 reps) supersetted with leg curls (70-90-110 lbs x 10 reps)

50 reps on seated calf machine with 150lb + 10 reps of 190lb

Tricep pushdowns and tricep raises

12 x 10 sec sprint + 20 sec walk
(3:2 = run:walk distance ratio)
(1:2 = work:rest ratio)

Interesting to note that a little over 1 year ago I could not do DB presses too well and they would aggravate my shoulders/chest, I think it was because I was also doing them inclined. I avoid incline pressing and am still increasing reps with the 70's and shoulders feel well (at the moment)

Hack squat is only whole leg exercise that does not hurt my back. Must use light weight for now on.

Shoulders require super light DB's on lateral raises because they're weak and my arms are real long

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    What's a hack squat? I usually hack something up after I do a squat too deeply ... does that count ?
  2. __steve__'s Avatar
    Yep, if I did squats I would be hacked too.

    The hack machine you rest on back at about 60 degrees supporting the weight /sled assembly with your feet placed stationary on a platform. There is no pressure or load on my back when I use this, unlike the leg press or squat.