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After a long rest

Week 100 - Friday

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Today was my last swim with the levonia masters and likely my last LCM swim til next spring. I had to cut the workout a little short due to an 8am appointment north of Detroit.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catchup on :50

Main sets
12x200 on 2:45 descend 1-4 swum round 1 free, round 2 with paddles and round 3 paddles and pull bouy
2x100 back easy 1:30
4x50 free build on 1min

warm down
200 easy

total 3700LCM

On the 200s I descended nicely going 2:35,2;31,2:27,2:23 on round 1, 2:33,2:30,2:27,2:22 on round 2 and 2:33,2:30,2:27,2:23 on round 3. I felt good. The back and free were the last few swims on the set everyone else was doing and worked out as a good transition after my 200s. I was going 1:15s on the back and 33-34 on the 50s free. Once again I felt good. Despite having a great time and even featuring in the end of season team photo it's going to be great heading home and swimming with my team mates tomorrow. I have my first yoga class tomorrow after swim practice. Can't wait to see how pathetic I am. My hope is it will help with my flexibility and core strength.

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