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Results - Ron John Invite, PHX AZ

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by , November 18th, 2014 at 10:56 AM (1161 Views)
Ok, here are my meet results:

50 breast 38.4 (bummer)
200 free 2:21.8 (31.8 36.6 37.4 35.9) pretty good!
100 breast 1:23 (38.8 44.9) whew, this was good compared to the 50!

100 IM 1:11.5 (32.3 39.2) solid but I thought i could go faster!
200 IM 2:38.3 (33.0 41.7 48.8 34.7) better!

chowsh says my breaststroke is Totally 80's. And that I needed to fast forward to 2014! Got some good tips from Jeff Commings who swam AWESOME at the meet! The hardest part will be to consistently practice and work on WORKING my breaststroke.

1. Head can go underwater. My interpretation is that I should stop "saluting the captain" with the head above water that is so ingrained.
2. Use my back muscles, not just pull with arms and legs. Engage and incorporate all the muscles and actively use them, like you do in butterfly.
3. But remember to surge forward, not just up and down and shoulder shrug for shrugging's sake.

The 200 free was a last minute addition. I was only going to swim it as a 50 split, but after the 50 breast, I was really worried about the 100 breast, so I thought i'd try to get a top ten time in the 200 free. It's my first in SCM and the first full 200 free as-a-200-free I have swum since 1995! I think I went to easy after the first 50 and then had a lot left in the tank for the final 10 meter surge. I will swim this again, it was sort of fun! Strategically, that was a good time. There are a few girls that go 2:14 or less, and a bunch that go around 2:24. So at 2:21 it hits the sweet spot of jumping ahead of the 2:24ers but not having to put the hours upon hours of training to go sub 2:15. I think i'd like to work down to 2:18 or 2:19. Sub 2:20 is a huge hurdle.

The 100 IM was actually disappointing. First, because someone next to me low-balled their time worse than me and went 1:06 so that is depressing and no matter how fast you are going, there they go. Also, it was the bad luck of mistimed walls so came in 1/2 stroke on the fly and then my arms came apart on the UW backstroke, a real killer when you have absolutely no wiggle room in a 100 IM. My breast needs major work, so I think that is why the back 1/2 split is so bad! I'm going to have to spend many hours talking to the coach about how to go 1:08.99 vs. 1:11.5.

I was very happy with the 200IM. Overall I dropped 4 seconds from the last meet, and it was mostly due to a very aggressive last 50 free and a bit better on the breast. Under 2:40 seems strong for my age group. I don't have a set goal; there are so many ways to improve. But against the age group, 2:40 already is a good hurdle. I think the next would be 2:35. That might be my goal. A huge chunk would be in the breast at 48.8! If I can get it to 45 and 1 more second somewhere, that puts me under 2:35!


Next up: A USA meet the first week of December. Not sure if I will make both days, but I hope to swim 100 fly, 100 back, and 50 free. I'm curious where I will start the SCY season. I'm going to do my P90X3 again, so that will be Dec/Jan/Feb. A good 3 month window so it won't interfere with the height of the SCY season starting Feb/Mar/April.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Great job in your last two meets! I'm so impressed that you can throw down very good times in the 200 free and 200 IM on less training than most people do for those events. And a four second drop?! Wowsa. I don't think my training would carry over at all to the 200s. You are not just a sprinter; you are incredibly versatile.

    For breaststroke, I have made some headway on that stroke in the last couple years. It is a body position stroke. I have no kick. But my breast improved with major use of fins, which help you get in a better position to lunge forward. I also really focused on the early vertical forearm and use the palms down recovery that Salo recommends.
    Updated November 18th, 2014 at 12:41 PM by The Fortress