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Unfulfilled Dreams

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I'm pretty good at any sport I've ever done, but there's one sport I have natural god-given talent for....SKATING! I am a wiz on ice skates, but on roller skates I am hel_ on wheels!
I spent 8 years of my youth in competitive pairs skating. My partner and I won lots of competitions and were highly ranked in the midwest. The pro (coach) at our rink not only knew pairs skating....he was also a lover of the roller derby. In our freetime and outside of practice he taught a few of us the rowdy and crazy sport of roller derby. I quickly became obsessed with the "Bay City Bombers" and my goal in life was to finish high school and become a Jammer for the BCB's! The pro (my coach) told me I was a natural and made some contacts to get me a tryout for the team. I thought my life was set till my parents informed me they would have not part of my hair-brained scheme to be a BCB. They told me after I obtained my college diploma I would be free to move anywhere and do what ever I wanted....but not before!
Well, I went to college and became a PE/Health teacher but I never fulfilled my dreams of becoming a Jammer! I go skating at least once a year with my high school summer school PE class. I spend most of the time showing off(you rarely see 53 year old ladies skate like me)
Tonight we went to the Fairground to watch the Naptown Rollergirls play the rollergirls from Fort Wayne. They play on a flat track (slower) with a concrete floor. (you need really soft wheels for grip on the concrete)
I wish INDY would have developed this team 20 years or so ago cause I would have been all over it.
Now I'm forced to sit in the stands and drink beer, cheer and enjoy!
Friday-solo-LA Fitness-I forget the workout but it was 3,000 yards scy

saturday-forest park w/the Nasti's-ice cold water so we had short rests inbetween sets.

Warm-up- 200/150/100/50 Freestyle
8 X 50 (half stroke in IM roll and half free) on 1:10
200 Free moderate
8 X 50 Free hard sprint w/fins and at least 10 dolfin kicks off the wall.
200 free moderate
500 freestyle pushing it-20 sec rest
400 freestyle, moderate-20 sec rest
300 freestyle, easy-20 sec rest
200 freestyle, hard-30 sec rest (brrrrrr)
100 freestyle with paddles working on catch
100 freestyle easy
3,300 LCM
The NASTI'S are sponsoring a swim clinic on June 13th. We recieved a NIKE grant last year at Big Shoulders. The am session is a pool freestyle workshop with an Olympic silver medalist and will feature snooper-cam and lots of coaches. After lunch we meet up at Morse Reservoir for an open-water clinic by Jim Barbour (a local legend) and Marcia Cleveland--both have completed the English Channel. The cost is $10.00 for both sessions. If anyone out there reads this and is interested I'd be glad to post or send you the information.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    The clinic sounds awesome -- pool & OW in one day!

    Sounds like you need to start another version of USMS -- US Masters Skating and get some people together with similar unfulfilled BCB dreams. Presumably, if ice rinks rent out their space to old guys to play hockey (every Canadian guy I know in the Phoenix area is in some league that plays at ungodly hours of the evening to get rink time), skating rinks will do the same for you.