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Thursday, April 9

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I swam 1200 at LA Fitness. Just did a few 100 pace 25s and a couple bursts, the rest easy. I was pretty hivey this am, but it has abated some this afternoon. I am hopeful that they will be gone, or mostly gone, by Saturday am and that being in the water a lot over the weekend will keep them calm. I had a slight worry this am that the tech suit may feel awful if I am still hiving (I've been wearing super loose clothes). But hopefully that won't be an issue. I am planning on leaving late am and driving right to GMU. I'd like to swim an easy 500 after a long drive and maybe watch a couple fast heats of the 1650 in the late afternoon. One of my Pitt swimmers is competing in that event as well. Onward!

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    Good luck this weekend and have (not hive) fun!