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First open water race 3k Pinehearst NC

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The course was straight up and back to the big orange bouy 3 times.
"Thats six laps?" I ask the person next to me.
"Yep." They said.
Wow, that thing is really down there and that is alot of times to go up and back. I thought to myself.

Masses of kids piled in before us small group of meandering Masters. Then our turn to hit the water came. I felt like I was having touble staying behind the starting line (In sailbaot racing they take this very seriously) I was treading backwards when....buzzz!!! What a slow start I had as everyone flew by me.

After about 200 yards I start to get panicky and had to tell myself to relax. You know the kind when you think the ship is really going down. "Think you are in worrries and wearing fins! " I get this way every time I start a race over 50 yds. (except the 100 IM)I just don't have the pace thing down. Well,I was sure gonna get practice now.

After a while between constantly checking if I was going to hit someone I started thinking about my stroke.

I found it so hard to kick because my head was always bobbing to watchout for others. I think my legs did nothing the first part of the race but drift and drag.

Several people before the race told me to draft. Lots of luck. I could't catch a one of those legs with bubble flying off into the distance. However, toward the end of the race I got my freestlye on. That was the sweet spot of the day. All clear infront and I felt safe enough to streamline, kick, glide. Dang! My goggles fogged up so I stopped suddenly to fix them. A split second later I was surround by a litter of little ones, slipping around me. I think I must have been Mother Goose for a while! Now that was fun!

Anyway, Knelson helped me with my seed time of one hour and I was over it just by 32 seconds. I can live with that!

This blogging has kept me hanging in there and not be a quitter. Thanks, more than you know.

Next week I am starting the "My speed is horrible" plan. If I can't find some one to time me I will just have to use the clock on the wall.
Can't let excuses stop you.

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Updated May 31st, 2009 at 01:47 PM by flippergirl



  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Great job, Paige!

    Glad you're not an excusifier!
  2. Bobinator's Avatar
    Great Job Flip! Isn't ow fun!
    I normally don't kick very hard the 1st half of the race, save the overdrive for the last half!
  3. knelson's Avatar
    Way to go! Have you signed up for your next OW swim yet?
  4. flippergirl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knelson
    Way to go! Have you signed up for your next OW swim yet?
    Thanks Knelson for giving me quite an acurate goal to shoot for. No I haven't except I will be chartering a boat off the coast of NC for a week next week and plan to swim there. I have never done such a thing as living on a boat for this long. Mostly we will stay I imagine inside barrier reefs and not completely in the Atlantic but ya never know...
    How about you?