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The Labours of SwimStud

62 mile bike ride.

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I did the charity ride for MS today but now I am paying for it as my back is really tight. I'm gong to ice down now...

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Very impressive, Stud! Hope you had beautiful weather there. Hope the ice does the trick.
  2. elise526's Avatar
    Good for you for riding for such a great cause! You have definitely earned the right to relax in your hot tub.
  3. SwimStud's Avatar
    It hurts but I thought of a few folks I know dealing with MS and gutted out the last 20. Not spasming but the erectors are locked up. I'm deep into my meds right now lol
  4. aztimm's Avatar
    Wow, that's some crazy distance. Have you been training for this?

    Hope you're feeling better....and back into good swim shape soon!
  5. SwimStud's Avatar
    No Tim I just signed up and went today. Breaststrokers have good bike legs I guess I wish I had gone to a shop to get the bike fitted. I raised my saddle but I think I should have lifted the bars a bit for my back.
    I'm OK a little tight but better than before.