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It's Still Cold!!!!!

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I got up this morning and headed to Noblesville for a 9am workout. I was running a little late sooooooo I was flying down River Road in my little white bmw.
Before I could really make any adjustments to my speed I saw a Noblesville Police Officer lurking on a wooded side road.....oh no, I am so BUSTED!
Well lucky me, this officer was the most polite and friendly policeman I have ever interacted with (as a perp). He asked me where I was going in such a hurry, I told him the truth " I was running late to swim practice!" . He told me I was 18 miles per hour over the limit and I needed to slow down.........then he let me go!!!! Now that's lucky!

Here's the workout i hurried to the pool to do in the 75 degree water:

200 Freestyle easy
200 Kick on Back w/fins
3 X 100 Swim (Fly/Free, Back/Free, Breast/Free)
-----main set-----
Super 1,000 Swim (1 minute per 50 interval)
50 free--100 free---50 free---150 free---50 free---200 free---50 free---150 free---50 free---100 free---50 free.
-----next set-------
5 X 100 Free on 1:00 descending speed
2 X 100 Free on 3:00 as fast as possible! (this was a bad idea today, the cold water and air made me tighten up during the excessive rest time on the interval)
-----Cool Down------
600 Free Swim (I needed this to undue the damage from the 2 fast but cold 100's)
3,000 Meters

Tomorrow I start teaching Freshman Summer School PE! I'm going to school at 5 am and swim LCM at the Carmel Natatorium. This will be a great schedule; I will be done at noon so Sarah and I can go out to lunch every day afterwards! (Sarah is taking Calculus in ss)
Afterwards a nap will be in order!

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  1. flippergirl's Avatar
    Boy were you lucky getting out of that one! You must have impressed him with your swimming abilities.
    Have fun with PE.
  2. pwolf66's Avatar
    Yikes, 5x100 on 1:00???? Is that a typo?
  3. Bobinator's Avatar
    WHOOPS!! The set of 5 X 100 WAS on 2:00 interval, NOT on 1:00 interval!!!