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The real race

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So it has been about three weeks since my partner has left me for the arms of another person. I've lost about 15 pounds since then (anyone what to buy a lightly used B70 - size 28), gotten into counseling, had a physical exam, stopped drinking and started reading about relationship repair, divorce and recovery.

I know now that she will never return. She refuses to admit she is having an affair and refuse to apologize for the pain and suffering that she caused not only me - but my mom - who loves her and misses her. I can't understand why she would throw away 10 years for a person she just met 2 months ago and why she would stonewall requests for counseling. Eitherway, now, I have to accept this path and take positive steps forward.

The real race in life is not in pool or on the track or on the court. Yes, it is nice to be able to be successful - to win a gold medal or set some new record. The real race in life is building and maintaining a healthly and constructive relationships - this race has no gold medals and rarely makes headlines - but the rewards are so meaningful.

Cheaters never win this race; they never do the hard work it takes to build a healthy and loving relationship. They just drift - justifying their actions and suppressing their emotions. Who would want to live their life like that?

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  1. gigi's Avatar
    This sounds like a terribly trying time for you - but it sounds like you are taking steps to take care of you - and really, you're the only person you have any real control over in this life

    I'm wishing good things for you...