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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 10/24/15: morning

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Had a bit of a head cold the past few days and took Friday off. On the upswing after some solid extra sleep and joined the crew at Masters this morning. A packed house!

200 swim/100 kick/200 pull
8 x 25 drill
300 pull (did 400)
4 x 25 kick
300 as 25 ez/25 fasd=t/50e/50f/75e/75f (did extra 100)
Relay fun (push/pull in pairs and then 25 sprint
4 x 75 on :20 sr with middle 25 fast
4 x 50 on :15 sr descend
200 loosen and out
(Masters/Rec/2300 yds/75 min)

Greg, Matt, Kevin and I were in the fast lane, Meg, Melissa, and Rachel in the middle lane, and newcomers Julie and Alisa joined Marie while my wife stayed out and talked with the guard. It is really neat to see the pool packed. The workout went well and there were no collisions, so that is a plus!

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