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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 10/29/15: noon

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Beat the rain to the pool, but was not so lucky on the walk home, so I stayed a tad wet ...

150 free/150 back/200 im drill

2 x (all with snorkel)
-100 kick with finis alignment kickboard (first time!)
-150 strong with AP
-100 pull with buoy

10 x 50 (descend in threes)
1-3 free on :45
4-6 back on :50
7-9 free on :45
last one easy

100 loosen and out
(Solo/Rec/1800 yds/35 min)

Ventured over with Preston to see my grandmother, who turned 94 last month just before falling and breaking her pelvis. A bit of rehab and she has been home for about three weeks. It was great to catch up with her and find that she has been released from home PT and graduated to use of a cane for daytime mobility. We enjoyed a delightful cup of tea and cookies, just like I remember as a kid!

Even with rain and wind these past few days, the foliage is still trying to hang on. It was a beautiful season for the leave peepers - here is a farm we drove by on the way to Nana's house ...

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Beautiful picture. I miss New England.
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks Stewart. This was a particularly beautiful year for foliage - lots of brilliant colors