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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 11/24/15: evening

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I utilized the "RapidPass" while donating blood last night and was able to quickly donate a pint to blood. The pass allows you to review the materials and answer questions at home the day of your appointment, which speeds up the process before hitting the chair. I tried the double red donation last time and didn't feel great for a few days afterwards, so back to a single pint, my 26th! Took it easy today and ran some errands before working on a paper for school. Here is our team practice from tonight ...

200 swim/100 kick/200 pull/100 im drill
4 x 25 build as a group

1 x 50 EZ, 1 x 50 FAST (all of these 50's on the 1:15)
1 x 50 EZ, 2 x 50 FAST
1 x 50 EZ, 3 x 50 FAST
1 x 50 EZ, 4 x 50 FAST

100 kick into 100 pull into 100 choice
Filming 50's with the GoPro
200 loosen and out
(Masters/Rec/1750 yds/40 min)

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