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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 11/30/15: Evening

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Back to work today and quite busy trying to clear out the backlog from last week's day off for the holiday. I am happy that it is my short week! Swim tonight after a light dinner...

200 free/200 back/200 im drill/100 drill
2 x Noah's Ark with snorkel and buoy (used AP on #2)
200 loosen and out
(Solo/Rec/1900 yds/30 min)

I finally visited an ortho doc to check out my knee (no major joint issues), and have been prescribed some PT over the next few weeks. Mostly overuse pain/soreness (due to a bone spur that has developed on the lateral aspect of the right patella) that has lingered for a while now, but I wanted to get it evaluated before next year's deductibles kick in. I plan to pull more see if that helps as well.

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