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Workout 12/19/15: morning

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Had an easy swim before PT yesterday, 1500 yds in about 30 minutes, nothing too grand.
Emma came home in the late evening for a visit so we are doing Christmas this weekend - so great to see her.

Masters this morning after cinnamon buns with the family...

We did our year-end workout inspired by Rudolph and the Grinch - I was able to get in an extra 200 on warmup, did all fly and an extra 50 on each of the Grinch's Lament (2:10 interval), and an extra 50 at the end of the Reindeer games (went 1:03, 1:02 on the 100's free, and did back for the 50's :33->31). With the help of the guard Greg, Kevin and I sang the Twelve Days of Christmas during the Reprise. A fun workout!

This afternoon is our annual family party with Lena and my siblings, then we are planning to drive over to Albany for the Lights in the Park display that they do each year.

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  1. GregJS's Avatar
    I was chuckling the next morning thinking about us trying to get through the 12 Days of Christmas with the lifeguard supplying us with the correct lines off of her cell phone! Good, fun workout. Have a Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year...