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Early morning swim

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Got to the pool by 5:20 this morning and got in a 3,300 SCY workout before rushing off to teach my business law class over at the college. I don't like working out in the early morning, but the Y has cut some of the lap swim hours at lunch to make room for the day campers. It takes me about an hour of swimming to feel like I am awake. I had fins on for some of the sets today, but I felt so lazy that I went about as fast with fins on as I do without.

Worked on a drill today that I learned at the Auburn masters swim camp a few years ago - the 9 o'clock drill. It is sort of a freestyle catch-up drill where one arm is straight out in front at 12 o'clock while the other hesitates at what would be 9 o'clock - straight up in the air. I also worked on big-arm or straight arm recovery drill. You swim with straight arms and this forces you to rotate more and take a bigger stroke.

I have to admit it did feel pretty good this afternoon at 2 to know I had already gotten my workout in for the day.

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