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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

Solo midday 10 June 09

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Solo - Western Slope Aquatic Center - 1:30-2:30pm
The local High school pool is open from 12:30-4:30pm
for an open session, they left about 4-5 lanes up for
lap swimming.
I have a team meeting right before the start of Masters
tonight, so I needed to get a workout in. Just improvised
some drills and hypoxic work.

Warm 200 FR / 200Bk / 100 BR / 100 FR

4x25 BK SDK's UW w/fins (I've seen these labeled as UW Shooters?)
4x25 SDK's UW w/fins
4x25 BK SDK's UW w/fins
4x25 SDK's UW w/fins
50 EZ
4x25 FR Hypoxic 4
4x100 FR Drill Dog Paddle/Fists/Gallop 3L,3F,3R,3F/DPS
50 EZ (instead of hanging on the wall, Im doing these)
4x25 FR Hypoxic 3
3x200 FR Kick/Drill (100 Kick w/fins one arm on pull buoy 100 D(dog/fists/gallop/DPS))
2x100 BK One arm drill (switch every 25)
3x200 BK Pull
50 EZ
2x100 BK
3x100 FR Kick/Drill/Swim
200 W/D


Just needed to work on FR & BK stroke, SKD's and some hypoxic

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