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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

Thursday Dryland and SCY practice

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Lords Gym -09:30-10:45am
Dryland weights same as Tuesday.

Aquasol Masters - WSAC 6-7pm
Coach Janine
Warm - We were off to a late start, 200 FR, 50 BK, 100 BR, 50FR build...

(Its rare I forget a workout, but everything here is approximate)
3x100(?) BR with fly kick 2:00
5x100 BR 2:00
5x100 50 BR / 50 FR 2:00
2x100 BR Kick
Vertical BR Kick 1:00
1x50 BR kick on back

50 w/d
Even though this was a very short workout, its purpose was to strengthen the ever popular BR.
It my really bad weak link in my IM...
I don't want to make comments like, "I put in more workout on my own" then Ill get hit with the dreaded 3 x 200IM/200Stroke/200FR
We haven't had the weather issues, but I have the work issues; which I suppose is good. I have a job that sometimes interferes with my life. Ive been missing the LCM practices and having to shuffle SCY/Masters practices. Saturday morning is looking good for LCM practice.

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