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by , June 12th, 2009 at 09:37 AM (776 Views)
my goal for the next couple of months is to ramp up the weekly yardage and experiment with recovery so as to still be able to perform well on race days. i'm using trader joes whey protein in various cocktails, and other high protein bars post work out (variety is the they say).
also, i've added hammer's tissue rejuvenator to my daily routine, (as a precautionary measure).
For lake and ocean swims where distances are unknown, i figured in a conservative 1000 yds / 15 minutes.

5/24 Lake Travis 8000 yds
5/25 Deep Eddy 5000 yds
5/26 Masters 4700 yds
5/27 Masters 5550 yds
5/28 Masters 5050 yds
5/29 Lake A 3700 yds
Masters 3400 yds
5/30 Lake A 5000 yds

WEEK TOTAL 35,350 yds

5/31 CIBBOWS 8500 yds
6/1 Hawks 4500 yds
6/2 Race Club 4000 yds
Masters 3000 yds
6/3 Masters 4750 yds
6/4 Race Club 4900 yds
Masters 3100 yds
6/5 Brighton Beach 2000 yds
6/6 Worked MIMS (no swim)

WEEK TOTAL 34,750 yds

6/7 Masters 5000 yds
Moriello 5500 yds
6/8 Rest day
6/9 Race Club 5000 yds
Masters 850 yds (lights went out)
6/10 Masters 5000 yds
Lake A 4000 yds
6/11 Race Club 5000 yds
Masters 4200 yds
6/12 Rec swim 3100 yds

WEEK TOTAL 37,650 yds

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  1. onefish's Avatar
    Love that Deep Eddy Pool!

    Great trees, cool water, charm city.

    The sloping walls are a bit peculiar, though....