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Power and rest

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by , April 26th, 2016 at 09:06 PM (100 Views)
I couldn't decide if I wanted to harken back to 2009 ( or 2012 ( and so I just kind made up something sort of, kind of between the two at Cactus this morning:

Meet Warmup (1,500)
This is roughly what I'd like to do at Greensboro, in two parts (and losing the snorkel)

  • Part 1 - about an hour before my 1,000
    • 1 x 400: IM, kick drill
    • 12 x 50: done as
      • 4 x 50: on 0:45, free swim, gently warmup (did these w/snorkel today and was easy 33, 32, 31, 30)
      • 4 x 50: on 1:00, IM order, kick-swim
      • 4 x 50: on 0:50, free swim, trying to hold target pace on #1-#3 (was 29s) and easy on #4

    • 8 x 25: on 0:30, odds easy, evens fast IM order
    • 1 x 50: easy

  • Part 2 - I'd like to jump in and do this when the heat before mine dives in, with my full tech suit/goggles/cap
    • 2 x 100: on 1:30, at target pace - was 0:59s today
    • 1 x 50: easy

Some Speed work (500 set / 2,000 total)

  • 6 x 25: on 0:30, odds easy, evens fly trying to go exactly 0:15, 0:14, 0:13 while only varying stroke count, which I did, going 6, 7, 8 SPL
  • 1 x 100: easy
  • 1 x 50: smooth fly, wanted to see an easy 0:29, but I was probably too lazy in my effort and was 0:30+
  • 4 x 50: active recovery

TOTAL: 2,000 SCY

  • I'm grabbing major water and feeling really powerful. I'd like to feel a little looser than I did, but that will come (or not) by Thursday.
  • I'm flying into Raleigh tomorrow as I could get a direct (& free) flight on Southwest, but I won't land until 5:30pm local time. That means I'll almost for sure not get over to Greensboro by 7pm. For swimming tomorrow, I'll do an easy 500 at home before my flight and then, if I feel like I need to get in again, I've got a couple of pools in the Chapel Hill area lined up that have later lap swimming hours.
  • Looking forward to getting to Greensboro and wishing everyone who is traveling a safe journey.
  • I suppose I should document my goals for my other races beyond the 1000, but they're pretty loose and amount to beating my entry times. I reserve the right to re-evaluate after my 1000

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  1. Kurt Dickson's Avatar
    I think we are on the same flight. See ya tomorrow. Good luck.
  2. pwb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt Dickson
    I think we are on the same flight. See ya tomorrow. Good luck.
    See you there.
  3. Water Rat's Avatar
    Travel safely. Wish I could watch your 1000 but I'll prob be in flight at the time. I have a good feeling about it though
  4. Sojerz's Avatar
    Good luck and safe travel Pat, Kurt, and Mark.
  5. beprocton's Avatar
    Just watched your 1,000. Congratulations on a great race! Sims was coming on strong there at the end but you had enough to hold him off.
  6. knelson's Avatar
    Looks like you really went after it. You paid the price in the second half for sure, but I like that you took the bull by the horns!