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Been gone sailin'

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First time to charter a 32 foot Catalina in the Palmico Sound for a week. I was all set to do alot of swimming when jellyfish with two foot long tentacles had invaded the place. Found out the hard way and got stung first day in the water in the first few minutes. Finally, after all week on Saturday I get in the water as no sightings of the beasts except one or two that morning. I followed behind the boat for a little over an hour anywhere between .6 -1.8 knots. Just after I got out my brothers and sister dophins approached the boat and swam along with us. What a joy!
The trip was not without its hot lulls and also wild hurricanes to bunker down in, plus lots of spinacker flyin. Got the boat up to 8 knots. I learn alot about navigation. Rugged, but fun trip.

Hope to get back on track of getting faster....
Today I swam in the outdoor summer pool just down the street. I can walk there and that is so tempting rather than having to go downtown.
I like having a variety of choices...but must stick to goals when in the water no matter where:

Swim four times a week
At least 3000 which I did not do today.
Ande's speed drills at least three times a week and get timed on the 25 and 50 at the end of each week.

500 yards free
200 IM
12 x 25 as fast as I could
250 kicks
250 drills
200 breaststrke
200 backstroke
100 cool down
not such a hard 2000 yards...the next workout I do must work harder. I did concentrate on form however, and felt kind of speedy in a glidish sort of way.

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