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Wet Tuesday

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I was able to get my 1st half of the day outdoors with my summer school class before the rains set in today.
From 10:00 am it has been raining steadily. I am getting sick of gloomy weather.
Here's the LCM workout the few of us who showed up to swim in the downpour did:
I was too late for the warm-up so I did it at the end!

1) 12 X 100---(1-3 on 2:00, 4-6 on 1:55, 7-9 on 1:50, 10-12 on 1:45) that was challenging for me!

2) Super 1,000 Free Set---(50-100-50-150-50-200-50-150-50-100-50) I was swimming w/guys who are faster than me so I did all free. Some of them did the 50's stroke.

3) Warm-up (cool-down for me)
200 IM moderate
100 Free Swim
200 Flutter Kick on stomach (no flippers)
3 X 100 (fly, back, breast) 20 sec rest inbetween
3,000 LCM

The water was cold (77 degrees). I think 77 seems cold in a pool, but nice in ow.
I like workouts in inclimate weather. You normally have no more than 1 other person in your lane. Usually only the hardcore nasti's show up.
It makes you feel like a warrier!

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