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Mixing it up this year

Wednesday 6/17 - Too Long....

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by , June 17th, 2009 at 07:39 AM (561 Views)
It seems like it just takes me longer and longer to warm up. Don't get me wrong once I am warmed up I can finally do the times I want in practice. If this trend keeps up I'll be warming up and then have to warm down...

1000 Free as 200 Swim/Pull/Swim/Kick/Swim

5x100 Back Kick w/fins odds fashion model, evens arms perpendicular
500 Free Kick w/fins every 3rd 25 SPRINT

8x25 @ :45 alternate Fly/Free on the fly kick out to the 15 meter mark w/fins free EZ
200 Back Build
2x100 Breast #1 Kick #2 Swim
200 Free Drill
200 Back work in and out of turns went 4:00 on this did crank it up a notch on the last 50

300 Free Relaxed
200 Free as 50 Drill / 50 Swim

Total 3500 meters

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