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Mixing it up this year

Thursday 6/18 - Grounding is great!

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by , June 18th, 2009 at 07:54 AM (703 Views)
This morning as I drove to the Aquatic Center with thunder and lightening all around me, most people would have said "Your not going to swim this morning" and gone back to bed. NOT ME!

There were a number of brave souls who swam this morning so I was not alone as I thought I would be. Of course I just felt lazy, atleast I am not looking for any good times this weekend at the meet although if I make the 400 Free cut I do want to swim that one since I have not done it in 2 years.

10x100 @ 2:00 Free began slow and final felt stronger around 8 or 9
500 Free Kick w/fins alternate 100 kick on side, 100 kick on back
500 Free kick w/fins every 3rd 25 SPRINT yes I actually managed to find some energy here and felt pretty strong

4x50 Free from dive Sprint to 15 meter mark then easy to the end 1st one felt horrible the last 3 felt great
200 Free w/paddles and bouy long and loose
200 Free w/paddles adding in the kick
100 Back as 50 6 kicks and a stroke/50 swim
100 Breast as 50 1arm stroke to 2 kicks/50 swim
200 Free alternate 50 drill/50 swim drill was 6 kick then a stroke

500 Free as 200 EZ/100 Overkick/200 EZ

Total 3500 meters

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  1. knelson's Avatar
    Don't they clear the pool when lightning is sighted? I love a good thunderstorm, but it does suck if it causes you to miss a workout. Never have to worry about it here in Seattle, but it was a very common occurrence growing up in Michigan!

    It sounds like this has been a soggy spring in the Eastern U.S. We've had a real dry spell here. No measurable rain in the last 30 days.
  2. Donna's Avatar
    At the Y I coach at, yes they clear the pool at even a threat. By threat I mean the weather service issues a warning, even when it is not raining and the storm is way off or non existant yet.

    At the Aquatic Center in Savannah where I swim in the mornings on my own, only if the storm is immediately on top of the building. We now have an actual roof on the build not the bubble they used to have during the 2004 Nationals.