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Sticking to my goals...

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3000 yards, four times a week and Ande's speed drill.
In the middle of the night while trying to sleep I planned my workout.

I swam the LCM today

Here it was-

10 x 50 free to warm up
4 x 50 swim, 50 kick,50 drill, 50 swim (IM)w/ fins
10 x 50 fast (45-50sec) on 1:00
5 x 100's fast (1:40 sec) on 2:00
200m cool down.
2500 meters must be more than 3000 yards.(but it is is 2735yds.)
I guess got close when I added in the catchand release drills...oh well...

Jerry joined my lane as I was finishing up and he gave me some tips for the catch and release...high elbow. I worked on some of those drills. I have a long way to go...

During my workout I thought about my body as a boat. My arms were the sails pulling me forward as I imagined the water rushing by me and over me like the wind. This gave me a sense of feeling the water more consciously. Nirvanaha enlightenment? Then to add an extra vrmmm my kicking legs became the motor!

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