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Learning a great lesson about goals...

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You can set them and you may acheive them or not. The key is deciding you are not a failure if you don't do them perfect and totally give up. The point of goals is to march on and try to do better next week. That said I am proud to say I swam four time this week and my yardage was very close to 3000 except for one day.
I think if I have a written out workout plan I will make the distance next week. Today my arms are sore and I did 2500.
I also did my speed workout 12 x 25's as fast as I can three time this week. But today I had no one with a stopwatch so I timed my self and will post them in my speed journal/post, anyway. Being off from swimming (sailing) for a week cut into my speed training. But I will keep track anyway.
Win or lose I always learn!

I can't find where I posted my last times so until i do I will post them here.
25yds 50yds
16.5 36.5 no stop watch, tank suit, push off wall.

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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    Well said Flipper.
    I will take it even further and say that in most cases the process (of reaching the goal) is usually more important than the goal itself.
    My advice: Keep concentrating on the process, don't worry so much on the final result. It will come. Be patient and put your focus where it can be a positive force.
  2. flippergirl's Avatar
    HI Bob...
    Had two days of scuba diving and now back to the pool drawing board. I know you are a busy is hard to do it all, isn't it!