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Saturday 10222016: Highland Lakes Challenge Weekender Day 3

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by , October 23rd, 2016 at 04:14 PM (28 Views)
Highland Lakes Challenge, Weekender
Day 3: Lake Travis
Distance: about 5k

temperatures were cool this morning, but nothing like yesterday.

Air Temp @ start: about 55F
Water Temp: about 75F
Air Temp @ finish: about 70F

this was such a beautiful swim. here's what the lake looked like as we loaded onto boats:

they had 3 boats to shuttle us to the start. the course was point-to-point (one of my first doing that).

here's the lake at the start:

we were much more congested together than yesterday or Friday, but not quite mosh pit conditions. I did have a guy on me for maybe 200 yards, he bopped me once, almost taking out my goggles. I went off to a side and never had any issues after that.

they had 4 buoys:
* about .75 miles in
* I'm guessing about the 1.5 mile mark
* just before, "the final stretch." about 1200 yards from the finish
* finish

this was such a great swim for me. had a gal about 15-20 yards ahead most of the time with her own kayaker. so while they were close I mostly just sighted off of the kayaker. of course I did sight to the buoys (they were all touch), but for it seemed after the 2nd buoy it was a LONG time to the 3rd.

that, "final stretch," was across a pretty wide part of the lake (the other parts were just a wide river). since they said it was 1200 yards, I had figured after that I'd be about 20-25 min (if only they had splits...) it was such a great feeling to hit that buoy, then head across and in to the shore.

my final time was 1:36:36, not too far off the 5k I did in Hazleton, PA in August (without swimming the same the day before).

overall I give this swim series (what I did of it at least) a very high recommendation. yes they do have a few funky rules, but if they're going to go through the trouble to organize it, they can do that.
weather was about perfect, with near perfect water temps.
group size is great, about 40-60 swimmers. there were some super fast guys, some not-so-fast, and nearly every speed in between. I never felt crowded, but didn't feel alone either.

this was my first time doing a swim series like this. I've done many 3-4-5k swims, but just a one and done (most of those loops). it is a different experience coming back and doing it again the next day.
although the distances I did were quite reasonable.
perhaps some day I'll work myself up to something bigger.

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